Here We Go Round In Circles

Here we go again….

New stats are in (meaning I just looked at them for the first time in months) and this particular post is my single most-viewed non-DIY post of all time. Years of slack-blogging (coined, trademarked) and this post, which was the most fun to write, but was written as a big “Fuck You, Pal!” to a friend who thought it was cute to say “you use the word awesome too much. And you really aren’t awesome at all”, in the middle of an argument, is the most popular??? 

I’ll take it. I love this one. For realz. Instead of blasting said friend, I decided to eviscerate in fiction , as I’m wont to do. It’s sort of my thing. 

Even though I love you, a promise is a promise 😕

Because even if I was being a pain in the ass by seeing how many different ways I could use the word “awesome” and say “I’ll show YOU who’s not awesome!” we both know that I’m pretty damn awesome (hehehe). 

The fact that I don’t own this bothers me. Very much.

You Ain’t Never Seen No One Like Me –

-missing my invite for the pretend party of perfectness but still slacking,



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