I Love The Dough (Easy Salt Dough Craft Recipe)

I am in LOVE with this dough! I use it for all kinds of holidays to make special “projects” with the kiddos! I got the idea from Homemade Grits where she used the dough to make Christmas ornaments (love this idea!).  You can use it to make pretty much anything, but this post pertains to our St. Patrick’s Day crafts. 

We were hit with quite a bit of rain in early March, so having this dough pre-made and waiting for me in the fridge was a lifesaver. I simply took some of the dough out about an hour before I planned on using it, let it come down to room temperature, added some food coloring and let the stand mixer do the work.
Even if you don’t pre-make the dough, it is a simple Salt Dough recipe that you can prepare on short notice with materials you probably already have in your pantry!

Use household items like cookie cutters, spoons, forks, a garlic press, pizza cutters, jars and  lids and rolling pins to create easy craft ornaments and anything else you can think of.  Since we only have one rolling pin, I let the kids use chop sticks to roll out their dough, it worked wonderfully.

Basic Salt Dough Recipe

  •  1 cup of fine salt
  • 4 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of water ( add more to reach desired consistency)


  •  In a large mixing bowl, combine the salt and the flour (I use the stand mixer with a dough hook for this, but I have heard you can make this by hand as well with no problem)
  • Slowly add  the water
  • Turn mixer on LOW until a ball forms (if doing by hand, knead until smooth and shape into a ball)
  • If you want colored dough, now is the time to mix it in. I always do one color for each playtime, the kids don’t mind at all!
  • When not in use, wrap in plastic or store in an airtight container. To prevent mold, the fridge is the best place to store. 

Baking Instructions:

  • Place rolled designs onto a cookie sheet covered with non-stick spray
  • Pierce with fork (this allows steam to escape (I found out the hard way, this can ruin a great piece!)
  •  Bake at 300° for 20 minutes
  • Check for dryness (the dough can be slightly soft, but not wet. Depending on the thickness of the projects, this step may need to be repeated

These pictures are from early March, where we made St. Patrick’s Day decorations out of the dough. I made my lucky 3 leaf clover, where I rolled out the dough, had each child put their handprints in the dough, I then put their names on each handprint and cut a loosely based “clover shape” out of the dough and poked a hole through it to add a ribbon so I could hang it for years to come.


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