Just How Does a Slacker Become Frazzled?

Just how does a Slacker become Frazzled, you ask? Easy. Live your twenties as the embodiment of Grunge. The music. The anti-fashion (oh how I STILL love flannel!). The everything. Dream of one day living “off the grid” with no responsibilities to anyone but yourself. Promise yourself you will never be part of the machine. Don’t plan for the future, because that is for old people.

Then, ease into your 30’s with a handsome, educated fiancΓ©e bound for glory. Make your “job” into your career. In a fit of future-induced panic, get married with a plan in hand. Spend the first year of marriage laying the groundwork to uproot your entire life so you can live somewhere more “serene” and “slower-paced” and even “wholesome” so that you can start planning that family you hadn’t imagined when you were busy shopping Doc Martens and painting murals on your basement bedroom wall.

Enter your second year of marriage moving across country, to the middle of the woods, to a house you built (not literally, that is one DIY I haven’t taken on yet) and get to work on making up the time you think you have lost.

End your second year of marriage pregnant and petrified. Have a gorgeous wonderful baby who makes you feel that you have been missing out on something. Celebrate his 9 month birthday by getting pregnant with twins and hold on for the ride of your life!

By your third year of marriage, you have to be working full-time, taking care of the kids full-time, keeping the house in some sort of order, and oh yeah, trying to remember what skills you armed yourself with to deal with the life you made.

You know, the life you never thought you wanted, but turned out to be exactly what you wanted all along until it didn’t work anymore. Try to power through it. try to change yourself to fit the mold, become miserable. Take a huge leap, bank on happiness, close your eyes, jump and try to enjoy the free-fall that is your life. Take comfort in knowing no matter where you land it will be better than lying to yourself and everyone else around you. Start all over again and embrace the ride.

Slack at it πŸ˜‰


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