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My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

It’s that time again! A slight chill has hit the air, Pumpkin Spice is featured in everything from breakfast cereals to deodorants, and all thoughts turn towards the Autumnal Equinox! Well… not really, but still…it’s Fall Y’all! And I couldn’t be happier 😍 #getchyergourdon

Four years ago I made my very first door garland (one of my most popular posts, found here: ) 

and I have loved putting it up every single year since.

However, just as I was prone to do with all the things I have loved in my life, I didn’t treat it as well as it should have been. It was a lot to store, but so light and springy that I thought shoving it all down into one small bin was a great idea. It wasn’t. Turns out that if you squish deco mesh for the better part of a year, it comes out just as squished! Now, hear me when I say this, it was still kick ass, and it surely could have found many more years of life. However, I had  really wanted to remake it since the day I made it because I had no idea that I should have unrolled the mesh in the store to see what it actually looked like when it was separated from 300 layers of itself!  (Oh yes, I’ve become one of THOSE ladies! You’ll find me in the aisles of Hobby Lobby and AC Moore unrolling deco mesh because the same damn thing happened with my Christmas garland, it looked beautiful and green on the roll, but black when I hung it 😣)

Ok, enough of that foolishness… I took it apart and started over. 

I picked out one color this year (SO much easier than doing multiple colors, the mesh cost more and came on a shorter roll , but it was WAY worth it!) I used a metallic, multiple color, Ombre effect. 

How did I make this? It was SO freaking simple! I laid out the Garland on my kitchen table (my garage is a nightmare right now #anyportinastorm!) Clamped it down (I have to tell you, that was the best idea ever! Rather than having the Garland moving all over the place and the roll getting tangled up, everything stayed in place and I was able to make both sides of the Garland in less than a half an hour!)

I started on one side at the first  “twisty” leaving about a foot-and-a-half of a “tail” hanging out the end, and then affixed to every other twisty with some “poof” between (has anyone come up with more technical terms for these things yet???) All the way to the other end. From the side I ended on I started with a new roll and did the same exact thing, except using the twisties that I hadn’t used in the first pass through. Two rolls were plenty, but since I had the mesh and I do like a fuller look, I went and added a third. Fifteen yards seems to me to be the perfect amount to use. 

I wove the leaf ribbon through, twisting it on top of the mesh in one direction. With the striped ribbon I cut 14 inch strips, notched the ends and twisted them in on the twisties that did not have the leaf ribbon attached.

 I used hot glue and glued the sparkly metallic leaves to the spots that had the striped ribbon and added a decorative gourd. 

That’s it, super easy! 

  • As always, I love you, my Frazzled Followers, and appreciate your kind words and feedback! If you try your hand at this and need some assistance or come up with other ideas to make it easier, please share them, I love to hear about it, I love to see the pictures, and if you’d like to be featured on the blog I’m more than happy to share!

 -Falling Frazzled


All In All We’re Just Another (Faux) Brick In The Wall (Faux Tile Backsplash)

Every SINGLE day since I published this post more than 2 years ago it has had at least 5 views per day (best day viewings? 1538 views).  I thought I would republish and shamelessly pander to those who like what I do more than what I say 😉

<a href="“>Faux Tiled Backsplash

Whether You Sparkle or Bling, Don’t Matter it’s the Same Thing


This is my second most popular post Badass Pumpkin Topiary has been pinned on Pinterest over 2000 times (!!! Seriously?? That’s freaking fantastic for a slacker blog!) It’s popularity has only been upstaged by my faux tile backsplash post (Another (faux) Brick In The Wall) .

I’m bringing it to your attention now, mid-summer, because this is the time to start gathering supplies and planning out your pumpkin topiary project.

Now, I know you want one, because I received 93 official requests (I didn’t count the “Hey! Make me one!’s) to make them for you! I was so flattered and blown away by the reception my Badass Pumpkin Topiary received, I actually considered taking orders, making a bunch and traveling the country to various craft shows, selling them on Etsy, quitting my full time job to become one with nature and hot glue and glitter…you get what I’m saying, right?

Well, it ain’t happening. I’m a slacker at heart and my creativity comes in bursts…I can rarely do the same thing twice because I get bored.


I’d rather play cheerleader and be here for you for moral support. 😉


So here’s a repost, out early, giving you time to start brainstorming, collecting supplies as you can afford to, all with plenty of time to make a pumpkin topiary and be the star of your street come Halloween.(Seriously, Halloween was my favorite day, the adults were crowding my porch to see this bad boy up close…I was feeling quite good that day!)

If you make one, send me pictures, I absolutely LOVE seeing what people have done, especially my Frazzled Followers!

It’s that time of year people, inspiration is in the air! (Well maybe it’s just that the self induced glitter coma I put myself in last year has lifted, but I’m running with it anyway!) Get on it!


Tutorial (of sorts) here: Badass Pumpkin Topiary


Deck The Halls!


This is going to be a super quick post on my Christmas Garland and Swag. I’m not including a how-to because I made both of these in the dead of night while high on glitter and hot glue fumes.

Not really. Well, yes, really.

I think my crafting phase has come to an end. I’m simply burnt out. I’ve been being all sorts of creative since July in anticipation of the Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas season and while I love this time of year, I’m thankful there is nothing that requires more than a door wreath coming my way for at least 8 months.

That being said, I am awfully proud of my door swag and I love my garland. I’m bummed that the garland looks darker than I had hoped (it’s a gorgeous metallic red and green stripe, but the stripes are tiny) but not enough that I will redo it. It’s slack time!


And if you would like to sneak over and paint my awful brown door, feel free…it’s a terrible color for a front door! (The house came with it, and I never even noticed until I started all the crafting! Blargh!)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I have a confession to make. I’ve been sitting on posts.

I have been “doing it myself” (and actually taking pictures!) and not sharing.

Why, you ask? Because I’m terrified of putting Christmas posts up too early!

There has been an awful lot of demand for what I like to refer to as “Segregating The Holidays” and I like my teeth right where they are, thank you very much.

Personally, I feel the world could use a hell of a lot more cheer and should unbunch the proverbial undergarments. Neck-punching the efforts of those who prepare for holidays on a different timeline is not just rude, it’s a showing peek into ones ego and hints at an inferiority complex. You’re not ready for a holiday? That’s cool. But don’t hide behind some “purity of holidays” stance as an excuse to tell the rest of us just how much you aren’t enjoying the presence of holiday paraphernalia in the stores. Some of us RELY on holiday items arriving early so we can create FOR the holidays. Ahem.

With that in mind and rant aside, I do like to put my seasonal posts up with enough lead time that people can actually, you know, try them, during the season, so I’m diving in.

This post features one of my favorite diy crafts. For years I have wanted an ornament wreath and yet never found one that was nice enough for me to actually purchase it. These usually cost anywhere from $30 to $90, a bit high for my liking, and yet they were either colors I didn’t enjoy or too wimpy.

This year I decided to just make one and only have colors I loved.

I started with a Styrofoam 12″ wreath, floral U-shaped pins, and a 15 pack of large shatter proof ornaments (I took pictures of the process, but not the materials…can’t win ’em all!)

I pinned each ornament to the outside of the wreath and then put a dot of hot glue over each pin (I used pins because hot glue breaks off easily when it is very cold out and I plan on putting this outdoors)



When the outside ring was done
I realized I was out of ornaments. I quickly ran to Wally World where I bought smaller ornaments 😉 then proceeded to add them to the top

(this is the opposite of every single suggested instruction I’ve ever read, usually the ornaments go INSIDE first, then outside, then on top…I’m a rebel. Or a slouch at remembering directions and too lazy to start over again…guess which one!)

I just kept adding more and more ornaments with hot glue (in spots pins wouldn’t work) until I felt the wreath was full enough (admittedly, if I had actually followed any directions at all, I would have painted the wreath so that no green showed through, but since I was already 3 ornaments in when I realized it, I decided to just keep keeping on)


Back view:

This thing is BIG! That wreath ring is 12″ and it looks positively tiny with all those ornaments on it!

After the wreath was complete, I added tear drop shaped ornaments to the outer ring to give it a bit of a snowflake look.

Finished front view:

I love it!


Can’t seem to get the colors photographed properly, but the colors are brownish bronze, gold, and a muted red, really very nice together 🙂

All together this wreath took me 2 hours (including the 40 minutes it took to run out and buy more ornaments) and cost $18 using all brand new materials. If you have the ornaments already, you could make this wreath for under $5!

It is a very simple project that provides a lot of visual punch and makes a great gift to give.

Have you tried new holiday decor projects this year? I would love to hear about them!

How do you feel about holiday blending? Does getting ready for one holiday take away from another? Does anyone actually diy holiday decor during the holiday? What is the “respectable” lead time for each holiday? Let me know what you think!

All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Gray



Not entirely true, but enough so that my mind is fully on Autumn.

And with thoughts of Autumn, I tend to go through the house like a mad woman putting amber hues everywhere I can.

This year I’m hitting my new front porch and I wanted something I’ve been seeing everywhere online but have yet to see anywhere local. Door Garlands.

Yes, I know, I’m not your typical door garland-y type, but now that I have a door people actually SEE I felt like doing something new.

This post isn’t so much a DIY tutorial as it is a LOOK WHAT I MADE, MA! Mainly because there are so many tutorials out there that are fantastic (wouldn’t this be a great place to post links to aforementioned tutorial blogs? Sorry, my bad), I really don’t have anything new to add to the conversation, other than this: THIS WAS SO EASY!!

Really, looking at these things, they seemed so difficult, but I honestly feel Deco Mesh Garlands are the Rice Crispy Treats of the crafting world…they appear so involved, but they are truly simple to make.

Details: I used

-6 rolls of 20″ x 30′ deco mesh from Hobby Lobby (on sale for 50% off…score!) In 2 different patterns (4 of Autumn colored striped, 2 of bronze)

– 2 rolls of 6″ wide mesh (gold)

-2 garland wire forms in a color close to my mesh colors (I had planned on making these myself using florist wire and pipe cleaners, but they were so inexpensive on sale that it was cheaper to just buy them, even though the color was not my first choice. Hey, I’m a slacker, Whattaya expect??))

– Various theme complementing picks and embellishment items (I used 8 harvest picks with sunflowers and gourds, 4 berry picks (I cut these up to get 5 berry stems out of each one for a total of 20 berry clusters), 9 mini corns, and 12 mini pumpkins I had left over from last years tablescape (I spraypainted these 3 different metallic colors)

The How:

I stretched out my wire and straightened the twisty branches, rolled out the mesh and gathered the ends into a twisty and, Uhm, twisted.

For the next section I gathered at the THIRD twisty (there’s gotta be a better name for those things!) and instead of twisting at the third spot, I brought the bunched mesh back to the second twisty, creating the fabulous poof.

And then I repeated all the way down the wire, and started back at the top with a second roll (do yourself a favor and start each time with a new roll, there will only be enough on the roll left to do about a quarter of the wire and hiding all those cut ends is a nightmare!)
(No, actually I don’t store my waffles in the garage 😉 I do however use the industrial size waffle box to store craft crap)

After putting four rolls of mesh on each wire I twisted in the floral picks and pumpkins.


I used 4 Command hooks over the door and two on each side (8 total) and hung one garland down one side, the other down the other side and pushed the ends together in the middle because I was too lazy to climb the ladder again.

I love how it came out, even if the coloring is not exactly what I pictured. That mesh is very different when it’s on the roll so be sure you like what you have before you open all the rolls!


(Kindly ignore my Frazzled Reflection in the window)

Next up, I’m making a matching wreath from the leftover mesh 😉

As always, thanks for reading and keep it awesome, Folks!

We Are the Champions, My Friends

So here at the blog I hosted my very first give away and I must say it was a success!

I received many guesses via email, instant message, and even telephone, however, as I stated on the contest page I would only consider answers in the comments section.

I had so many different guesses that I actually got some ideas for new projects, so in a way, we’re all winners! Go Awesome! I thank you sincerely for that!

I announced the winner in my big reveal of my Badass Pumpkin Topiary but promised a photo of the Halloween themed gift that I made for Susan at after she received it.
(Go check her stuff out, this woman is phenomenally talented and I’m honored to have her following my blog!)


I present my much less badass, yet still blingy mini topiary.

I keep calling this one “the little guy” because at 14″ he is tiny in comparison.

I went with gold this time (and wish I took better pictures!) and amber stones for a more refined elegant look.

I even made sure to put it in a sweet oval box that can be used to store it in (topiaries are the WORST for storing!)

Now I’m on to my next project, Fall is calling my name!

Keep it awesome Frazzled Followers!

Whether You Sparkle or Bling, Don’t Matter it’s the Same Thing

I know you have been waiting for this. Don’t lie, you have caught yourself wondering about it. “What’s she making?” you might have asked yourself late at night before you fell asleep or early in the morning while shampooing your hair.

Or not.

That’s ok. Either way, here is my Super Badass Pumpkin Thing!!!

Yeah, there has been some controversy over what to call this. I’ve always referred to these as a Pumpkin Topiary, but someone recently pointed out that a topiary by nature is a “thing” (plant, pumpkin, what-have-you) raised up on its own (oh yeah, way to poop a party, Pal!) and this not-so-little baby is definitely not that. My son called it a totem pole, which might be closer to the truth, but honestly I’m sticking with topiary. So with no further ado, allow me to introduce:

(Cue the dramatic music. No, really, this thing deserves it!)

Ok, ok, enough with the ego trip, I’ll calm down now. I promised a tutorial, and I’m going to try to give one. But here’s the thing, I don’t really have one. I kind of had an idea in my head and just ran with it.

I knew I wanted to make a topiary, but I just wasn’t crazy about making a plain one. I don’t really have many Halloween specific decorations (I’m really into Fall, Ya’ll!) so I wanted something that couldn’t be mistaken for just more Autumnal decor. I wanted something spooky without actually being scary. That is how I came up with making it black, I liked the creepy factor.

My sweet 5year old daughter, Bean, had just recently pointed out that I don’t ever decorate with sparkles, and she said it in a way that made me feel like I wipe mud across anything pretty, because in general im not about the sparkle and ive certainly never been about the BLING!

So I took that as a challenge and decided to do my topiary up with a little shimmer. For my daughter. The five year old. In the end, once i started adding the bling (cant stop saying that word! wish i could!) i couldnt stop. not because i was addicted to it, but any part that didnt have it looked really bland in comparison.

Now, normally I’m all about the frugal craft, and while this is much less expensive than buying one, this baby was not cheap. I definitely could have cut costs by ordering a lot of the bling online, but I’m a little too impatient for that. I headed to Michael’s and bought up many convenience craft items that ran me just about $70. Granted, if I had waited a few weeks I could have gotten the majority of the stuff on sale, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time to (and possibly the motivation) to build it if I waited, so I had to strike while the iron was hot.


3 Pumpkins, ranging in size from 8″ to 21″
1 wooden dowel, 1/2″ diameter
3 bunches of black daisies with silver centers
1 roll black w/silver dots ribbon
1 chipboard initial
1 can Valspar Silver Metallic Shimmer spray paint
2 cans Valspar Black Satin spray paint
12 packages pre-glued rhinestones in 8 shapes
1 roll of black deco mesh
1 black plastic planter/urn
Hot glue gun and sticks of glue

I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but I knew I wanted our family monogram, so I started by spray painting the “K” black and sticking some rhinestones on.

From there I sprayed the pumpkins because I liked the idea of black pumpkins, and started sticking rhinestone patterns on all but the largest pumpkin.


I made a template design by folding a piece of paper, drawing a design,

and cutting it out (make sure there is enough room for your letter to fit!)

Then I took the paper, layer it on the pumpkin and used the silver glitter spray paint to make a solid design in the center of the largest pumpkin. The paint went everywhere, but I actually loved the glitter effect it gave the black so I lightly sprayed the entire thing with silver.

I glued my letter on

And added some embellishment


At that point I knew I had to get these pumpkins stacked, so I drilled through all three pumpkins and placed them on the wooden dowel, using hot glue to hold them centered and to prevent wobble. I filled an urn with Styrofoam and placed the dowel down through it and proceeded to glue the heck out of it. (Sorry for the lack of photos on this part, I was flying solo. Just imagine a ridiculous Styrofoam mess and uneven holes and its just like you were there!)


I put flowers around the pumpkins where they touched each other to cover up any gaps, then added a small ribbon in between each flower.

While I loved the outcome, it was just too much black, and I was dedicated to the 2 color only rule I had set out on, so I decided at that point to add more bling!

Note: you can tell in my picture that the urn was old and dirty, my original plan was to use things I had already, so I assumed a black urn I had kicking around would be fine. I underestimated just how ratty it would look with all that newly painted black and shiny stuff around it. This was AFTER I glued it all together, so I had to cover the entire thing with a garbage bag and spray the urn ever so carefully. I recommend doing this step FIRST 😉 (again, no picture, but at this point my frugal self was fearing I just wasted all my time and materials on something blah. Imagine me hunched in my driveway with curious neighbors peering over my shoulder as I try to wrap garbage bags around this 4 foot tall beast while trying to spray paint.)

Once my urn was up to snuff, I added some Deco Mesh between the bottom pumpkin and the urn (to fill gaps) and AGAIN decided it looked too plain on the bottom so I started adding even MORE rhinestones.

At this point I must have blacked out in a haze of glue vapors and glitter dust, because all I know is I woke up with rhinestones stuck on odd spots of my body and the general feeling that I was done 😉




So there you have it, Frazzled Slacker’s guide to making a Super Badass Pumpkin Topiary!

Now, if you recall, this project was also the source of my first give-away. I want to thank each and every one of you who participated, your guesses at what I was making inspired me to try my hand at some of them, so stay tuned 😉

With out any further ado, the winner of Frazzled Slacker’s Guess What I’m Making contest is Susan at OneSpringStreetDesigns! (For fairness purposes I’m letting it be known that I did this project entirely under cover in my garage and kitchen…I wouldn’t even tell Frazzled Husband what I was making!)

As promised, I will be sending a Halloween themed decoration and will post pictures once it is received.

As always, thanks for reading guys!

This is Halloween, Everybody Make a Scene

Hello Frazzled Followers!

I’m anxious to blog a few do it yourself how-to’s, but I’m super busy, you know, doing it myself!

So I’ve decided to put up a teaser blog that gives a few sneak peeks into what I’m working on.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen these already, and if you follow me on Pinterest, you’re going to see these soon.

The only thing I’m going to say is that each item below is going to be part of a larger project (even though I think each one is super cool on its own!)




Any guesses on where I’m going with these?

I’ll send a hand crafted Halloween surprise to anyone who gets it right!

Keep an eye out for the how-to on this one, it’s a fun one!


Another (faux) Brick in the Wall Part II

So just about a year and a half has passed since I published my how-to on faux painting a tile backsplash (found here All in All We’re Just Another (faux) Brick in The Walland it continues to be my most popular blog post. It has received more than 6800 views from countries all over the world! How exciting is that??? With no marketing other than posting it on my Pinterest and Facebook pages….who’s raging against the machine, I ask you?!

Ok, aside from my ego maniacal lapse into awesomeness awareness, I started this update for a reason.

First, to report that I no longer live in the home where I created this backsplash wonder. While I seriously miss the beauty of it on a daily basis (and who am I kidding, I miss the ego boost I got every. single. time! someone walked in my house, saw it, and showered me with praise.) I must be honest and admit that while that house was a dear part of my life for almost 9years, it wasn’t working for our family and I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the area ( painting the backsplash was an effort to make me feel happier there, and it did…for a while) but this past summer we moved about an hour away, so there will be no new additions to that lovely backsplash 😦

However, on the upside, In the process of preparing for the move, I invited many realtors into my home and each and every one of them marveled over that backsplash! Not a single one took my word for it that it wasn’t tiled and all felt the need to molest my walls to prove it to themselves.

In each instance I pointed out that I could paint it flat again so as not to detract from selling and in each instance I was met with a resounding “No!” because they felt it added value. One agent told me they added $3000 onto the value of the home for it! The reason I tell you all of this is because this extremely inexpensive DIY can translate to dollars in your pocketbook with very little risk on your part. Now if that isn’t pure awesome, I don’t know what is!

The second reason I am updating is because someone who found this blog followed my steps and completed their very own faux tile backsplash!! I have gotten lots of mail in the last year letting me know this technique is loved, but usually people just go about their lives and don’t show me how it came out! Finally, finally! a reader shared a photo of her completed project! And it is absolutely gorgeous!!! So without further ado I present you with this amazing beaut!


The nice lady who did this gorgeous job prefers to remain anonymous so I will refer to her as Frazzled Apprentice. She did an amazing job, and honestly, I like it better than the one I did. Great job, Frazzled Apprentice and thanks so much for sharing!

Anyone else try this out? If so, share your experience, I would love to hear about it! And if you would like a picture of your completed project featured on The Frazzled Slacker, just shoot me an email at

As always, thanks for reading!


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