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My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

It’s that time again! A slight chill has hit the air, Pumpkin Spice is featured in everything from breakfast cereals to deodorants, and all thoughts turn towards the Autumnal Equinox! Well… not really, but still…it’s Fall Y’all! And I couldn’t be happier 😍 #getchyergourdon

Four years ago I made my very first door garland (one of my most popular posts, found here: https://frazzledslacker.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/all-the-leaves-are-brown-and-the-sky-is-gray/ ) 

and I have loved putting it up every single year since.

However, just as I was prone to do with all the things I have loved in my life, I didn’t treat it as well as it should have been. It was a lot to store, but so light and springy that I thought shoving it all down into one small bin was a great idea. It wasn’t. Turns out that if you squish deco mesh for the better part of a year, it comes out just as squished! Now, hear me when I say this, it was still kick ass, and it surely could have found many more years of life. However, I had  really wanted to remake it since the day I made it because I had no idea that I should have unrolled the mesh in the store to see what it actually looked like when it was separated from 300 layers of itself!  (Oh yes, I’ve become one of THOSE ladies! You’ll find me in the aisles of Hobby Lobby and AC Moore unrolling deco mesh because the same damn thing happened with my Christmas garland, it looked beautiful and green on the roll, but black when I hung it 😣)

Ok, enough of that foolishness… I took it apart and started over. 

I picked out one color this year (SO much easier than doing multiple colors, the mesh cost more and came on a shorter roll , but it was WAY worth it!) I used a metallic, multiple color, Ombre effect. 

How did I make this? It was SO freaking simple! I laid out the Garland on my kitchen table (my garage is a nightmare right now #anyportinastorm!) Clamped it down (I have to tell you, that was the best idea ever! Rather than having the Garland moving all over the place and the roll getting tangled up, everything stayed in place and I was able to make both sides of the Garland in less than a half an hour!)

I started on one side at the first  “twisty” leaving about a foot-and-a-half of a “tail” hanging out the end, and then affixed to every other twisty with some “poof” between (has anyone come up with more technical terms for these things yet???) All the way to the other end. From the side I ended on I started with a new roll and did the same exact thing, except using the twisties that I hadn’t used in the first pass through. Two rolls were plenty, but since I had the mesh and I do like a fuller look, I went and added a third. Fifteen yards seems to me to be the perfect amount to use. 

I wove the leaf ribbon through, twisting it on top of the mesh in one direction. With the striped ribbon I cut 14 inch strips, notched the ends and twisted them in on the twisties that did not have the leaf ribbon attached.

 I used hot glue and glued the sparkly metallic leaves to the spots that had the striped ribbon and added a decorative gourd. 

That’s it, super easy! 

  • As always, I love you, my Frazzled Followers, and appreciate your kind words and feedback! If you try your hand at this and need some assistance or come up with other ideas to make it easier, please share them, I love to hear about it, I love to see the pictures, and if you’d like to be featured on the blog I’m more than happy to share!

 -Falling Frazzled


Every other day of the week is fine

It’s Monday.


No other day of the week makes me feel like writing more. Something about a Monday morning, going back to work, filing the memories of the weekend away for good, having to put real pants on…it’s all is just so much blah.


I’m never less motivated to do what I get paid to do and extremely motivated to do all those things I don’t get paid to do, than a Monday morning.


You’d think that after being continuously employed since November 1997 that I would have learned the art of just getting down to business on a Monday morning, but…nope.


(prior to 11/97 I was employed full-time but was still fully embracing my Slacker Lifestyle and would change jobs every so often, with padded in “vacation” time in between transitions)


I could list reasons why I’m not a fan of Monday, but my reasons are no more unique than anyone else’s…I really have nothing to add to that conversation.


It’s simply a matter of not being Oprah rich and needing to stay gainfully employed so that I can keep myself in pizza and fruity wines. That, and I just don’t like doing things unless I want to.


Like this. I like doing this. Writing a pointless post about how I am not motivated to work just so I can share some Monday memes.


Now I’m off to a bunch of Monday morning meetings. Which means I will be carousing the internet snapping up memes that make me laugh. Because I like doing that and I’m the boss of me.


Hope your Monday is a good one, Frazzled Followers (❤)


Slacking Monday style,



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