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My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

It’s that time again! A slight chill has hit the air, Pumpkin Spice is featured in everything from breakfast cereals to deodorants, and all thoughts turn towards the Autumnal Equinox! Well… not really, but still…it’s Fall Y’all! And I couldn’t be happier 😍 #getchyergourdon

Four years ago I made my very first door garland (one of my most popular posts, found here: https://frazzledslacker.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/all-the-leaves-are-brown-and-the-sky-is-gray/ ) 

and I have loved putting it up every single year since.

However, just as I was prone to do with all the things I have loved in my life, I didn’t treat it as well as it should have been. It was a lot to store, but so light and springy that I thought shoving it all down into one small bin was a great idea. It wasn’t. Turns out that if you squish deco mesh for the better part of a year, it comes out just as squished! Now, hear me when I say this, it was still kick ass, and it surely could have found many more years of life. However, I had  really wanted to remake it since the day I made it because I had no idea that I should have unrolled the mesh in the store to see what it actually looked like when it was separated from 300 layers of itself!  (Oh yes, I’ve become one of THOSE ladies! You’ll find me in the aisles of Hobby Lobby and AC Moore unrolling deco mesh because the same damn thing happened with my Christmas garland, it looked beautiful and green on the roll, but black when I hung it 😣)

Ok, enough of that foolishness… I took it apart and started over. 

I picked out one color this year (SO much easier than doing multiple colors, the mesh cost more and came on a shorter roll , but it was WAY worth it!) I used a metallic, multiple color, Ombre effect. 

How did I make this? It was SO freaking simple! I laid out the Garland on my kitchen table (my garage is a nightmare right now #anyportinastorm!) Clamped it down (I have to tell you, that was the best idea ever! Rather than having the Garland moving all over the place and the roll getting tangled up, everything stayed in place and I was able to make both sides of the Garland in less than a half an hour!)

I started on one side at the first  “twisty” leaving about a foot-and-a-half of a “tail” hanging out the end, and then affixed to every other twisty with some “poof” between (has anyone come up with more technical terms for these things yet???) All the way to the other end. From the side I ended on I started with a new roll and did the same exact thing, except using the twisties that I hadn’t used in the first pass through. Two rolls were plenty, but since I had the mesh and I do like a fuller look, I went and added a third. Fifteen yards seems to me to be the perfect amount to use. 

I wove the leaf ribbon through, twisting it on top of the mesh in one direction. With the striped ribbon I cut 14 inch strips, notched the ends and twisted them in on the twisties that did not have the leaf ribbon attached.

 I used hot glue and glued the sparkly metallic leaves to the spots that had the striped ribbon and added a decorative gourd. 

That’s it, super easy! 

  • As always, I love you, my Frazzled Followers, and appreciate your kind words and feedback! If you try your hand at this and need some assistance or come up with other ideas to make it easier, please share them, I love to hear about it, I love to see the pictures, and if you’d like to be featured on the blog I’m more than happy to share!

 -Falling Frazzled


Cretins cloning and feeding

In a conversation with a friend last week he informed me he had recently read an article stating you shouldn’t be your child’s best friend. It immediately made me think about that time I published some of my parenting beliefs.

It’s one of my favorite posts, mainly because it wasn’t just aimless ramblings, but written in direct response to a post on My Not So Humble Opinion.

Re-reading that post made me laugh. Hard. Writing in response to Bob at MNSHO brought out my best snark. I love Bob and I adore his somewhat myopic take on life. Even when I don’t agree with what he says, I find myself enjoying the eloquent way in which he says it. I’m a fan, and have been since I was a kid (yeah, for the longest time I’ve tried to maintain anonymity, but when Bob nominated me for the Liebster Award he outed me as his cousin…but who could complain about that?? It’s a freaking award! (And honestly? Re-reading THAT write up on the award cracked me up…bonus!) Anyway, I would like Bob even if we weren’t related.)

It also made me realize just how much life has changed since then.

When I wrote that post in August of 2012 I was on my way to Myrtle Beach in a minivan loaded with myself, The Hubs, and my three children. The Boy was 5 and The Twins had just turned 4. We were struggling with potty training, The Boy was about to start kindergarten and The Twins were heading off to Pre-K part time. Our marriage was rocky, to say the absolute least, but we were resigned to stay the course. We were embarking on yet another frazzled vacation that was completely planned by me in an attempt to reconnect as a family and enjoy some of the life we were struggling to keep.

Today, The Boy is just a month shy of his 9th birthday. The Twins are 7. Everyone is in school and The Hubs (I guess at this point I should start calling him The Ex-Hubs) and I have parted ways.

The biggest difference between then and now is that I don’t have a partner in the home. Sunday night through Friday afternoon I’m driving the crazy train that is my household, solo. I’m making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, slogging my way though the ridiculous amount of homework the kids have, bathing, grooming, and tucking the kids into bed, and fixing random things throughout the household that decided to stop working, all on my own.

I’ll never say a bad word publicly about The Ex-Hubs, he is a good man. We co-parent our children from separate households and are on very good terms with each other. We are kinder to each other than we were during the last years we were together and we both take responsibility for the dissolution of our marriage.

Back then, having another adult presence in the home was comforting, helpful and I absolutely miss the feeling of someone having my back; I’m a team player and thrive as part of a partnership. However, at that point in time it wasn’t working anymore and the feelings that situation generated were far scarier than the intimidation of doing it all on my own.

So while today I am extremely exhausted, it’s not very different from back then, just a different type of exhaustion. Back then I was managing a much larger home and trying to keep up with 3 small children who seemed intent on finding ways to hurt themselves with everyday items. Today I’m in a home half the size, I’ve taken on more of the physical household duties (oh how I despise taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn!) yet much of the stress in my life has dropped.

My parenting views haven’t changed much since back then, I’m getting a normal amount of sleep these days, the kids take care of 99% of their own bathroom functions, and I still don’t want to be their best friend. But, the nature of our split household has caused me to take a friendlier approach to parenting. I listen deeper and reflect on the things my children say a little bit longer now. I put effort into carving out one on one time with each of them, and I make it a point to laugh with all of them every day, even on the really, really hard days. Especially on the really, really hard days.

They question my authority now, but I attribute that to their ages, they don’t question my personal rank within our family, but they do question authority in general, a trait I’m proud thrives in my independent offspring.

They have told me they don’t like me (many times), they have been verbal about not liking many of the rules I have in place, but, as strange as it sounds, I count that as a success. They are talking to me. They are expressing their feelings. And they feel they are being heard.

Am I their best friend? No. Do I care? Not one bit. Do I hope the lines of communication remain open in the coming years? Hell yes! Do I have a fool-proof way of making that happen? Hell no.

Almost everything has changed from back then until now, except for this one thing: my children are my number one priority. Every single decision I have made since November 2006 when The Boy was born, even those that may appear selfishly motivated, has been made with my children at the forefront of my mind and the center of what motivates me.

I can’t say that I know more about being a parent today than I did back then when we were struggling to have certain members of the family make it through the night without peeing on themselves. Every time I think I know something about how to parent my three, they find new and creative ways to change things up and I’m scrambling to figure out what to do. I’m just as confused now as I was then.

But I’m sleeping now. And 99% of the time I’m not cleaning up poop. And honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been thrown up on. Which is a celebration in and of itself 😁

-Slacking slightly less.
(Note to P: this ONE time you can call me a Mommy Blogger. Just this once 😉 )







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