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I did a couple favors for these guys who looked like Tusken Raiders


I am SO far behind in posting. Seriously, if I got any further behind I’d be posting “breaking news” about….something dated and old hat (sorry…I got nothing!) Anyway, I wrote this weeks ago and didn’t get to post, so let’s get on with it!

So, earlier this week last week a few weeks ago tickets went on sale for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. And it broke the internet. For realz. Not like that time the media wanted us to believe that a photshopped greasy ass pulled down the interwebs.

Shit got crazy real fast and every ticketing agency experienced some sort of crash. And I was stressed about the whole ordeal. Big time. I wrote this just minutes before I found out tickets went on sale hours earlier than expected:

Tickets go on sale tonight after the new trailer premier. I can’t handle this kind of stress. I was worried enough about waiting in line and having a crappy seat (no, really…I can’t stand the feeling that I might not get in or if I do I might get stuck watching from the first row!) There is no part of me that is interested/prepared/capable of competing with The Internet for tickets and the inevitability of the frenzy that will follow with people capitalizing on ticket procurement.

I was a mess. And mad at myself for being a mess. This shouldn’t be a big deal to me. I don’t participate in “mania” of any type. As a rule! But there I was, feeling emotional, me! The Feelingless Wonder! Getting weepy because while I was waiting to rally and “compete” for tickets, everyone had jumped online two hours early and had already purchased them! I was busy living my life, putting my children to bed, making lunches for the next day, straightening up the house. I missed a window I didn’t know existed until a friend in another state wrote “hope you got your tickets…it was a pain in the ass!” in response to a post I made about waiting for the new trailer. WTF??? No, really, WTF?? Tickets weren’t supposed to go on sale until after the trailer and it hadn’t aired yet!!


I’m not proud of how upset I was, but it was genuine. Life is a ridiculous stress pile and lately it feels like the rough is outweighing the smooth and frankly, there is very little I ask for in the way of personal indulgence…dammit, I want to see this movie! I want to see it on opening night and at that moment I realized it was not going to happen and it felt like a bit much.

Now, me being me, I had a moment of “Reign that shit in!”…I don’t tolerate hysteria in anyone, especially myself, so I resigned myself to accept that I might not see the movie until it was a week or two old. And I was OK with that, because, as much as I want to be part of the opening night hubbub, there are much more important things in life than a movie.

But I tried anyway. And I got this message:

That was all it took, I’m a quitter…I don’t like the option of losing so I often don’t play. But, I tried again, believing myself luckier than most (“The Universe LIKES me!”) and told myself that this was as far as I was willing to go in my efforts.

And just like *that* I was on the page to purchase tickets! Now THAT was stressful! I was trying to pick seats as they literally disappeared from the screen…scrambling to get my bank card, pick a time, a date, a theater…I am not made for this type of trial…I am way too flaky to do this! I was positive I would mess up and screw myself out of my only chance to see the movie opening night!


However, I was able to do it. Yep. I got myself tickets! Not just any tickets, but reserved seating, 3D Imax tickets! On opening night!


That’s a pretty big deal for someone who needs help ordering pizza!

Seriously…it’s such a small thing, but it means the world to me. I’ve never been to opening night for a Star Wars movie. I’ve never seen a film in 3D or Imax. I’ve never been so excited to see a movie before!

I feel so much better knowing that I don’t have to wait in line or worry about trying to get last minute tickets. I feel so good knowing that no matter what, I’ve got my spot reserved and I will not have to stress over something that is meant to be enjoyed.

-In desperate need of slacking, but with a big smile on my face,


From Another Galaxy My Heart’s At Zero Gravity

I am a fan of Star Wars.

There. I admitted it. For the few of you who know me personally, that statement is probably accompanied by an exasperated sigh and possibly a mumbled “We GET it. Star Wars is your thing. Let it GO already!” But for the rest of my Frazzled Followers  (<3) I don't believe I've made that fact known, so it's a necessary preface for what I'm about to delve into. So, me? Star Wars. Big time. Take my word for it.


I’ve never really written about Star Wars before. Not here. Not anywhere other than on Twitter and Facebook and that has just been professions of love and funny meme sharing. I’m pretty sure the only mention of Star Wars I’ve made here is using some of the quotes in my lovely post about using movie quotes to express my feelings and that time I wrote about the first time anyone called me “Sith”


I didn’t purposely omit Start Wars from my blog conversations, it just happened. Mainly because I’ve never felt knowledgeable enough to write commentary on the subject, there is an internet full of nerds who do so and they are way more qualified than I (please, before the hate mail starts flowing in, know that I think nerds are mad sexy!)


The absence of Star Wars on this egotistical homage to myself I call a blog is changing. Right now. I’ve been writing again. A lot. And while everything is ending up in my Draft/Trash folder, Star Wars seems to be a recurring theme, so I’m going to stop fighting it and run with it.


I’ve been quite honest about the reasons I write and made it painfully clear in my Bastards post that it’s just my thing. I’m happier when I’m writing and I’m all out of balance when I’m not.

So, Frazzled Followers (<3), this post marks the beginning of a new era. Star Wars. It's a thing. And I'm going to put my own spin on it…because, that's just the way I do things and I'm the boss here 😘


Stay tuned…

-Still slacking, but with a goal this time 😉


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