From Another Galaxy My Heart’s At Zero Gravity

I am a fan of Star Wars.

There. I admitted it. For the few of you who know me personally, that statement is probably accompanied by an exasperated sigh and possibly a mumbled “We GET it. Star Wars is your thing. Let it GO already!” But for the rest of my Frazzled Followers  (<3) I don't believe I've made that fact known, so it's a necessary preface for what I'm about to delve into. So, me? Star Wars. Big time. Take my word for it.


I’ve never really written about Star Wars before. Not here. Not anywhere other than on Twitter and Facebook and that has just been professions of love and funny meme sharing. I’m pretty sure the only mention of Star Wars I’ve made here is using some of the quotes in my lovely post about using movie quotes to express my feelings and that time I wrote about the first time anyone called me “Sith”


I didn’t purposely omit Start Wars from my blog conversations, it just happened. Mainly because I’ve never felt knowledgeable enough to write commentary on the subject, there is an internet full of nerds who do so and they are way more qualified than I (please, before the hate mail starts flowing in, know that I think nerds are mad sexy!)


The absence of Star Wars on this egotistical homage to myself I call a blog is changing. Right now. I’ve been writing again. A lot. And while everything is ending up in my Draft/Trash folder, Star Wars seems to be a recurring theme, so I’m going to stop fighting it and run with it.


I’ve been quite honest about the reasons I write and made it painfully clear in my Bastards post that it’s just my thing. I’m happier when I’m writing and I’m all out of balance when I’m not.

So, Frazzled Followers (<3), this post marks the beginning of a new era. Star Wars. It's a thing. And I'm going to put my own spin on it…because, that's just the way I do things and I'm the boss here 😘


Stay tuned…

-Still slacking, but with a goal this time 😉


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