Whether You Sparkle or Bling, Don’t Matter it’s the Same Thing


This is my second most popular post Badass Pumpkin Topiary has been pinned on Pinterest over 2000 times (!!! Seriously?? That’s freaking fantastic for a slacker blog!) It’s popularity has only been upstaged by my faux tile backsplash post (Another (faux) Brick In The Wall) .

I’m bringing it to your attention now, mid-summer, because this is the time to start gathering supplies and planning out your pumpkin topiary project.

Now, I know you want one, because I received 93 official requests (I didn’t count the “Hey! Make me one!’s) to make them for you! I was so flattered and blown away by the reception my Badass Pumpkin Topiary received, I actually considered taking orders, making a bunch and traveling the country to various craft shows, selling them on Etsy, quitting my full time job to become one with nature and hot glue and glitter…you get what I’m saying, right?

Well, it ain’t happening. I’m a slacker at heart and my creativity comes in bursts…I can rarely do the same thing twice because I get bored.


I’d rather play cheerleader and be here for you for moral support. 😉


So here’s a repost, out early, giving you time to start brainstorming, collecting supplies as you can afford to, all with plenty of time to make a pumpkin topiary and be the star of your street come Halloween.(Seriously, Halloween was my favorite day, the adults were crowding my porch to see this bad boy up close…I was feeling quite good that day!)

If you make one, send me pictures, I absolutely LOVE seeing what people have done, especially my Frazzled Followers!

It’s that time of year people, inspiration is in the air! (Well maybe it’s just that the self induced glitter coma I put myself in last year has lifted, but I’m running with it anyway!) Get on it!


Tutorial (of sorts) here: Badass Pumpkin Topiary



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