Only In Dreams, We See What It Means


Never alone always lonely. Broken and bent, hurt all over. Hurting to know you’re alive. Laughing to keep from screaming. Screaming to keep from thinking. Thinking there’s nothing more. This is it. This is all. You have arrived.

Everyone’s medicated so they pay no mind. If you step out of line they will medicate you too. Ants in a row, tow the line. Life is stable and they are happy. You want happy. Happiness, ever elusive. Carrot on a seemingly never ending string.


Spend your days lulling that string into a false sense of security. Pretend you don’t feel abysmal upon reaching its end. Life begins to stagnate as soon as you take your first bite of that aspiration flavored root.

Fill your mind with false desires. Create new carrots. New sticks. New strings. The taste is never as sweet as you had imagined. Convince yourself its the best thing you’ve ever ingested. You are always eating and never hungry. It doesn’t matter, you’re eating carrot salad for the rest of your days. You hate carrots. But gladly slurp each shred from the serrated blade you carve them with.


Eat Your Carrot Before It Eats You


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