You Ain’t Never Seen No One Like Me


The problem with being awesome is that not-so-awesome people are drawn to you. They hover around, waiting for you to drip excess awesome so they can simply have a taste of that which they do not embody. Like hungry vampires, they await the flood you are sure to unleash, hoping for a chance to lap at your Fount Of Awesome.


Oh! Good morning fellow Frazzled’s! I hope this post finds you awesome as always 🙂


I’m talking to YOU, Frazzled Followers!

Being awesome can be exhausting. It’s like going to a party and you are the only one bringing the awesome. Everyone is waiting on you, looking for an awesome fill-up, except they didn’t chip in and they expect you to have enough awesomeness to go around. You walk in with your glorious awesome on display and suddenly everyone is pushing their proverbial Solo cup in your face. At first it feeds That Which Makes You Awesome, you want to be generous in sharing, but eventually those awesome-sucking vampires can drain you if you aren’t cautious.


A little ditty I wrote just for you…lyrics soon to be featured as a blog title!

In your lifelong quest for fellow awesome company you tend to alternate between thinking no one is awesome and everyone has some awesome to offer. There is truth in both schools of thought, but a hefty price to pay if you believe either wholeheartedly so you have to dabble in both. Often True Awesome is hard won and not so easy to discover, even by those of us more experienced Awesome Miners. This can wear the best of us down, Friends. You may become weak,  having dished out small, perfectly plated morsels of your own awesome in an effort to receive some awesome back. Having gone tremendous lengths of time with no incoming awesome, you can get desperate. A deep loneliness borne of bearing such awesomeness single-handedly can take hold. That’s usually when the awesomeless find their way in like hungry bottom feeders.


If it looks like this…run!


I’m not immune to this phenomena. No, not even me, She Of Great Awesome. Even after so many years of Being Awesome, after so many lessons learned about the dangers of interacting with those who affect awesome in the shameless Awesome Act,  I still fall prey now and again to the parasitic trappings of False Awesomeness. Yes, Frazzled Followers (<3), I HAVE been known to let a non-awesome in too close a few times. Actually, who am I kidding? It happens ALL the time. I deflect them with disinterest and rough revelations of the awesome hideousness I am capable of. If they want to hang around after that (again, who am I kidding? They ALWAYS hang around after that.) then I reward their tenacity with my interaction, letting my awesome rub off on them.

awesomehangwith me

Consider it my gift to you.

I find myself making concessions for their lack of awesome, grasping at their attempts at affectation and scrabbling to expand the indefinable definition of What Is Awesome to allow them into the realm.  The problem with this is that it never works, but is very rewarding. They feed my ego, and truthfully, that bad boy is one insatiable beast. Their attempts to prove worthy are fuel on the Awesome Pyre that burns within. My ego rails against the nagging thought that I was wrong in believing someone had awesome to offer “I’m so awesome, how could I be wrong?” creating a vicious cycle where I desperately believe in False Awesome to avoid the harsh truth that even I, yes the Queen of Ultimate Awesome, could be wrong.


I mean NOW!

That’s usually when I forget to keep an eye on my awesomeness level and they are free to drain it away while I’m distracted by the ego-prize. That takes a toll on me, and often sets me back a few steps. It can bring me to question the validity of own awesomeness, and sometimes, albeit rarely, the existence of awesome at all. Fortunately for me, and the rest of the world, I’m no Awesome Amateur. I’ve forgotten more about being awesome than most will ever learn and that provides a cushy landing for my dented ego in those times.



The polls are in….Awesome by a landslide!

Heavy is the head that wears the Awesome Crown, my Frazzled Friends, and lonely is the pillow on which you lay your awesome head. Try not to beat yourself up for falling prey to Interlopers Of Awesome…it happens to the best of us. Yes, even me. But keep in mind that while the quest for mirrored awesome is a difficult one at best, it’s not in vain. Or, well, actually it IS in vain, but in the self-serving good kind of vain.  There IS awesome out there, it’s our duty to find it. Don’t let it come at the cost of your own awesomeness.




Stay Awesome, Frazzled’s…it’s worth it 🙂


Everyone but you, Pal, you’re still a douche.


What's Your Awesome Opinion?

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