There’s A Ton Of The Twist, But We’re Fresh Out Of Shout

I’m running seriously behind in my posts and I apologize. I have had a particularly challenging few weeks and to be honest, I just don’t feel like writing too much. I’ve dealt with my non-inspiration in what I’ve heard are some creative ways. I’ve been saying things without saying anything at all by using movie quotes here and since that received such positive feedback I did it again here. I also used a getting-to-know-you format to answer questions that were sent to me here, and my personal favorite, used direct quotes from things that were said or written to or by me here.

In an effort to keep posting without actually writing, I’m putting up something I normally wouldn’t share. Ever since I was young, the best way for me to process emotions was to write. Usually the stuff I write when I’m feeling anything is a rambling jumble of words and today’s post is no exception. I wrote it a while back and kept meaning to delete it because it feels cliche and depressing, yet I keep coming back to it and finding it somewhat comforting.

I’ve noticed a trend, the posts I publish that are more raw and personal get the best responses from you, my Frazzled Followers (<3…STILL my favorite phrase!). I absolutely LOVE getting emails from you with your comments and questions, they really make my day! They inspire me, and they allow me a brief peek into how I’m being received. Since a running theme seems to be “show us more!” I’m thinking you either want to know me better, or want a front row seat for my hideousness. Whatever the reason, this post should satisfy.

Sometimes you have to be the better person.
Sometimes you have to go when you want to stay.
Sometimes you have to recognize when you aren’t worth the effort.
Sometimes you have to recognize when the effort isn’t worth you.
Sometimes you have to give up.
Sometimes trying is a waste of time.
Sometimes you have to stop trying.
Sometimes words come easy.
sometimes words stick in your throat.
Sometimes words give you everything you need.
Sometimes words are just words.
Sometimes you want more than words.
Sometimes you want no more words.
Sometimes words can burn.
Sometimes you fan the flames.
Sometimes flames burn too hot, out of control.
Sometimes, you light the fire just to watch it burn.
Sometimes you want to touch the flames to know you can still burn.
Sometimes you light one fire to avoid feeling the dying embers of another.
This time?


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