But Some Things You Just Don’t Question

It seems my little post about not writing to persuade the public to fall in love with me garnered me quite a few new readers. Welcome new Frazzled Followers! I am glad to have you. I figure if you read my Bastards post and hung around to hear more of what I have to say, you’re pretty cool and we can hang πŸ™‚

With my new Followers (!!) have come new questions about who I am and what I do. I’ve been asked if I would be willing to give out some personal information. One request was creepy, but the others seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me better.

I’m flattered by this. For real. By all accounts, this little blog has been all over the genre map and I guess that lends a little mystery to who I am, but I promise, you’re getting all of me. I AM that erratic and I’m cool with it.

That being what it is, there are a few things I won’t divulge, like where I live and what blood type I am (thanks for asking though!) and that is solely in the interest of personal safety. I’m pretty much an open book and don’t mind answering questions.

So for those of you who want more of me and especially for those of you who sent me specific questions (I’ve addressed them all…you’ll see) I offer up:




1. I have green eyes. I did not always have green eyes. They were hazel, leaning more towards brown unless I was crying. My eye color changed when I was in my 20’s and has continued to get greener. (If this is a sign of a horrible disease, please in-box me)

2. I love Stephen King but I don’t love horror. There’s a little bit of explanation in this post.

3. My accent changes depending on who I speak to. I grew up across a few different states and have picked up accent inflections from each of them. It’s not something I do purposefully, it just happens. Lately I’ve been sounding like a New Yorker (for those of you unfamiliar, most people who refer to themselves as New Yorkers are referring to the “real” New York…Long Island. Not Manhattan, because people aren’t born there. They hatch out of hipster pods wearing heavy rimmed glasses and pork pie hats).

4. I like to talk. I love good conversation. I have fallen in love just talking to people. I have fallen out of love because conversation has become rote. Most people tell me I talk too much. Most people are idiots.

5. Music is very important to me. it bookmarks my life. When I hear certain songs I remember events that happened at the time the song was prevalent to me. I also take council from the songs that pop up in my day. Often a decision is made based on what music told me to do. This is not as insane as it sounds. I hope.

6. I love Peeps. Not like. Love. I have for as far back as I can remember. People who love me give me Peeps. People who give me Peeps or Peeps paraphernalia rate the highest in my book of People Who I would Die For. Eighth grade boyfriend Matt? If you’re out there? I still have a special place for you in my heart because you made me a Peeps necklace. And I’m sorry I broke up with you to date a senior. You would have been the better choice. Ahem. Peeps. Yes, I love them.

7. I have a talent for being able to recognize music in milliseconds. If Name That Tune were still a thing, I could name almost any song in less than 1 second. This is a fun game to play and friends often flash through their ipods to test me. While I may not be able to recognize a song (I haven’t heard everything, dammit!!) I can usually peg the vocals, sound, or arrangement to the artist or band just as fast. If I had a super power, this would be it. It’s my only talent.

8. I don’t like zombies. For real. I can’t even talk about them too much because I will have nightmares that turn to sleepless nights. I can’t watch Scooby Doo as a result. And nothing bothers me more than those idiotic zombie apps that allow your average Joe to make over his kid as a zombie. Thats just wrong, People. Stop.

9. Every once in a while, I like to watch a movie that will make me cry. Really cry. It doesn’t happen often, but I just enjoy crying over something that isn’t necesarily close to my heart. I will usually pick a rainy day, set mself up with tissues and go for some ridiculous Lifetime-Not-Without-My… Movie. It’s kind of a cleansing and I feel cathartic afterwards.

10. I judge people by what movie quotes they know. If you are spouting off the most ridiculous stuff, I may just slap you. If you start off with a Star Wars quote, I won’t disregard you, but you better have the goods to back up an opener like that. I have never had a good friend who did not also use quotes to describe how they are feeling.
More of that here and here .

11. I have lived in 7 states. I have moved 19 times within those states. I like to move. It makes me sad when I hear people were “born and raised” in one place. I would like to live in at least another 3 states.

12. I scare easily. while I like to think i have a tough exerior, if you sneak up on me or catch me off guard, I tend to emit what can only be descibed as a girly yelp. My voice, which is normally low and rough, goes to a pitch that ends up scaring the crap out of the person who startled me. I may or may not also do a bit of a Mr. Miagee crane stance depending on my interpretation of the threat level. Evidently, I’m a ninja in dreams.

13. I am the coolest person I know.

14. I am way cooler in my head than I am in real life.

15. If you make an impression on me, you will be in my head and heart forever. I don’t often forget about people.

16. I am competitive. Way more competitive than you. Wanna bet?

17. I can’t stand when someone tells me how smart I am. It puts a lot of pressure on me. Especially because I don’t consider myself smart…I think of myself more as “Not Stupid”.

18. I act like a baby when I’m sick. This is not for colds or any of the myriad crud I catch from my children and the Petri dishes they hang out with, I troop through those like a boss, but if it puts me in bed and keeps me there, I revert back to being 4, having the flu, and feeling very lonely.

19. My favorite color is green. It has always been green. I like green and purple together. I almost never wear either green or purple.

20. My blog post titles are all lyrics. On very few posts I’ve written the post and had to look for lyrics to fit. This is an example of that type of post
Most times I have lyrics in my head and I write to them. Not sure why it works that way, but it seems to be the most inspiring for me and my best posts come about title first.

There you go, questions you asked answered and 13 other random tidbits you didn’t know you wanted to know.

-Forever slacking πŸ˜‰


20 responses to “But Some Things You Just Don’t Question

  • Susan

    And what was your blood type again? Lol. Would love to know who asked that. Ps. Need a post on your Nicknames. Starting with “Queenie”! And I will start you off…becuase in 1980 “princess” was still considered a DOGS name! Ah ha ha ha ha.


  • Bob Bonsall

    You say “stalker”, I say “I love you.”


  • “There’s a ton of the twist, but we’re fresh out of shout” | The Frazzled Slacker

    […] it again here. I also used a getting-to-know-you format to answer questions that were sent to me here, and my personal favorite, used direct quotes from things that were said or written to or by me […]


  • SithVader

    Thank you for answering most of my questions and humouring me on those you wouldn’t.
    I find it hard to believe that you were the type of girl who would break up with a person who made you a necklace of sugary chick-shaped marshmallow. Is that the truth?
    I could read a multitude of posts exactly like this, more My Dark Enigma, more!


    • frazzledslacker

      First, let me apologize, I have been slacking these last few months and not keeping up with my comments.

      Second, let me thank you, Sith Vader for keeping me on my toes and inspiring me through Writer’s Block! Even when I don’t feel like writing, your questions and comments often get me thinking.

      Third, you are very welcome. This post has been received quite well and as you can see, some of your questions were the meat of it.

      Fourth, yes, yes I was the type of 14 year old girl who broke up with a sweet boy who made me a Peeps necklace. My only defense is that he got a perm. And he was a Ginger. Which we all know means he had no soul. My shame is deep, but I was shallow. Such is the way of an American teenager.


  • SithVader

    Why is it that my posts are not showing up??? I know I commented on this post months ago!


    • frazzledslacker

      Sith Vader, thank you for this…I had responses in limbo here that I wasn’t even aware of but thanks to this notification they were brought to my attention.

      Please don’t take it personally, I moderate all my comments that are not from other bloggers. It’s the way I choose and I will be more timely in my approval from now on 😊


  • EddHead

    What a creative “getting-to-know-you” post! I’m a new follower and I enjoy your style so much!


  • Kerry B.

    I just found your blog when looking through Pinterest for Halloween decorating ideas. You do beautiful work! It’s a pleasant surprise to find that you also are an interesting person who writes. I’m a follower now!


  • anonymous

    This poost is self centered and egomaniacal. Why hide answers to genine questions in a bunch of fluff about how grate you think you are??? Dumb.


    • frazzledslacker

      Oh Anonymous, how I so sincerely hope you are the same anonymous who pops up with pseudo witty repartee on my other posts! I’m in love with thinking you keep coming back for more and hope that my lasting influence on you is one of restraint and a personal quest to learn how to spell ❀ Your negative feedback is a tasty treat for my unchecked ego. My only point of dismay is your unwillingness to give me a name to attach to the visual I have of you in my head.


  • YouKnow

    Can’t believe I missed this the first time around! Fun and funny and there were two things I had no idea about, surprising! You? A baby when you’re sick?? Never! Lol! I did notice you lied in a comment above. Your 8th grade boyfriend was NOT A GINGER. And you know it’s not cool to pick on gingers. You are in the ginger family, too and while you may have been lucky enough to be dark red, a ginger still. Now “get out of the bushes!” 😘


    • frazzledslacker

      Ha! Nice friend! I’ll start by saying your choice of moniker has me giggling…for a brief moment I had no idea who you were, but how could I miss that acerbic wit?? Thank you for reading, I didn’t think you were a fan and I’m flattered.

      Now, the GINGER thing. I know. I know he wasn’t a ginger. You’ve caught me. I fictionalized that part because I feel bad. And it was funny. Yes, it was very funny to say.
      However, it IS common knowledge that gingers DO NOT HAVE SOULS. We all know this. But rest assured, your gingerness and absence of soul does not prevent me from loving you or keeping you amongst my closest of friends πŸ˜‰

      The bushes…I actually just talked about that LAST NIGHT! Thank you for not mentioning the subsequent hosing 😂 Love you!


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