We’re going to the movies, Yeah just the two of us

The topic of movie quotes has come up lately. A lot actually.
“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue”
Normally, this is a great thing. Movies are the middle ground between readers and everyone else. I’ve always bonded with people over books, however, I am a product of my environment and the bulk of my environment subscribes to media that moves and talks for you.
“You get the TV Guide?” “Yep.” “You HAVE a TV??” “Nope… ya read the TV Guide… you don’t need a TV.”
“It’s 9 o’clock. The library is closed. All white people must leave”

Everyone I know uses movie quotes to express themselves.
“I love YOU, Man”.
“Demented and sad, but still social”
“You’re so cool. You are so, so cool!”
“Hey man, what difference does it make?”

My favorite characters IN movies do it (Kevin Smith? Yeah, we’re cool 😉 )
“Salsa shark. Man goes into cage. Cage goes into salsa. Shark’s in salsa. Our shark.”

Recently I encountered 3 different people who told me, quite matter of factly, that they don’t do movie quotes.
“Good feeling gone.”
“Not cool. So not cool”

“It’s a trap!”

One had the reasoning of poor memory due to a steady influx of chemicals
“Uhm, I didn’t…exhale?”
“Floyd! You smoked the last of the toilet paper!”
“First chink in the armor, Ted”

Another preferred not to watch movies multiple times so wasn’t prepared to recall any lines (lame excuse. Most people I know are quoting movies within minutes of its ending…but hey, you were denied the benefit of my presence in your formative years, I GET it)
“I find your lack of faith (in yourself) disturbing.”
“Now THAT’S a waste of a perfectly good white boy!”

And the other simply did not approve of movie-memory as a skill worthy of honing.
“Don’t bother me, I’m…uh…busy”
“I knew it was you…you broke my heart.”
“You’re dead to me”

Personally, I might never have ever expressed an emotion if I didn’t draw on movie and occasionally television quotes
I sleep in a drawer.”
“The sparrows are flying”
“Give me some sugar, Baby!”
“I will eviscerate you in fiction”
“I know”

With all these opinions about using movie quotes as a means of communication, I thought it might be useful to provide insight into how I use them. I feel quoting movies is the most effective way to express not only my opinion, but the exact nature of what I’m feeling, with much less effort on my part. I think it will be my next topic to blog about…whataya think?
“Can’t stop the signal”
(See what I did there?)


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