It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I have a confession to make. I’ve been sitting on posts.

I have been “doing it myself” (and actually taking pictures!) and not sharing.

Why, you ask? Because I’m terrified of putting Christmas posts up too early!

There has been an awful lot of demand for what I like to refer to as “Segregating The Holidays” and I like my teeth right where they are, thank you very much.

Personally, I feel the world could use a hell of a lot more cheer and should unbunch the proverbial undergarments. Neck-punching the efforts of those who prepare for holidays on a different timeline is not just rude, it’s a showing peek into ones ego and hints at an inferiority complex. You’re not ready for a holiday? That’s cool. But don’t hide behind some “purity of holidays” stance as an excuse to tell the rest of us just how much you aren’t enjoying the presence of holiday paraphernalia in the stores. Some of us RELY on holiday items arriving early so we can create FOR the holidays. Ahem.

With that in mind and rant aside, I do like to put my seasonal posts up with enough lead time that people can actually, you know, try them, during the season, so I’m diving in.

This post features one of my favorite diy crafts. For years I have wanted an ornament wreath and yet never found one that was nice enough for me to actually purchase it. These usually cost anywhere from $30 to $90, a bit high for my liking, and yet they were either colors I didn’t enjoy or too wimpy.

This year I decided to just make one and only have colors I loved.

I started with a Styrofoam 12″ wreath, floral U-shaped pins, and a 15 pack of large shatter proof ornaments (I took pictures of the process, but not the materials…can’t win ’em all!)

I pinned each ornament to the outside of the wreath and then put a dot of hot glue over each pin (I used pins because hot glue breaks off easily when it is very cold out and I plan on putting this outdoors)



When the outside ring was done
I realized I was out of ornaments. I quickly ran to Wally World where I bought smaller ornaments 😉 then proceeded to add them to the top

(this is the opposite of every single suggested instruction I’ve ever read, usually the ornaments go INSIDE first, then outside, then on top…I’m a rebel. Or a slouch at remembering directions and too lazy to start over again…guess which one!)

I just kept adding more and more ornaments with hot glue (in spots pins wouldn’t work) until I felt the wreath was full enough (admittedly, if I had actually followed any directions at all, I would have painted the wreath so that no green showed through, but since I was already 3 ornaments in when I realized it, I decided to just keep keeping on)


Back view:

This thing is BIG! That wreath ring is 12″ and it looks positively tiny with all those ornaments on it!

After the wreath was complete, I added tear drop shaped ornaments to the outer ring to give it a bit of a snowflake look.

Finished front view:

I love it!


Can’t seem to get the colors photographed properly, but the colors are brownish bronze, gold, and a muted red, really very nice together 🙂

All together this wreath took me 2 hours (including the 40 minutes it took to run out and buy more ornaments) and cost $18 using all brand new materials. If you have the ornaments already, you could make this wreath for under $5!

It is a very simple project that provides a lot of visual punch and makes a great gift to give.

Have you tried new holiday decor projects this year? I would love to hear about them!

How do you feel about holiday blending? Does getting ready for one holiday take away from another? Does anyone actually diy holiday decor during the holiday? What is the “respectable” lead time for each holiday? Let me know what you think!


10 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  • Janine

    It’s beautiful Christmas doesn’t start in September?!? I enjoy seeing Christmas stuff when it comes out.


  • Gigi

    Beautiful!! My opinion, YOU do the holidays when YOU want to!!!


  • Cindy

    Normally, I would say ‘to each his own’. If you don’t want to partake in the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving, then don’t. However, now that shopping has started on Thanksgiving day rather than black Friday, I’ve changed my thought. I take issue with how many people are now forced to work on Thanksgiving day. We have enough trouble maintaining family time in this hustle bustle world. This is just taking one more holiday out of family time!


    • frazzledslacker

      I absolutely agree with you on this, Cindy. I can’t believe how far they are pushing Black Friday and find it a bit ridiculous to open on Thanksgiving. I chose not to shop the entire weekend as my small form of objection.


  • jesse

    I love this. Wondering if it is something I could do with dollar store materials… I am thinking all silver or maybe some blue thrown in to match my anticipated garland… I love the fall so I don’t like when xmas stuff replaces the fall too soon but people can do whatever. I won’t shop on thanksgiving. It’s bad enough that people who work retail can’t get any time off for months. People should enjoy the holiday. That is why they invented online shopping… less hassle 🙂


    • frazzledslacker

      This can definitely be done with dollar store items! And your colors sound gorgeous! Feel free to share a picture when done, I love featuring others’ work! My only word of caution is to check prices, lately the dollar stores have been more expensive when it comes to ornament prices.
      I agree about Thanksgiving as a shopping day, I have always relished Thanksgiving as a diet-free day spent with loved ones and Black Friday as my “stay in your pj’s all day” day. I will shop before for holiday supplies, but those two days are sacred in my slacker opinion 😉


  • Bob Bonsall

    I’m fairly certain you remember my rant from last year, and my opinion on the matter hasn’t changed. When I see Christmas aisles going up before Halloween is over, I get angry. The one exception I might be willing to make is for places like crafts stores, because you do make a valid argument about lead times (I have been known to be crafty in my day, so I understand it can take a while).

    But putting out pre-made holiday gear months before the holiday itself and before the previous major holiday has even had time to happen just takes all the fun out of it. Unless of course you believe it would be appropriate to start putting up Valentine’s Day decorations around December 1.


    • frazzledslacker

      I have to admit, I agree with your post on the holidays being shoved upon us, and I personally have been known to do almost all my present shopping just a few days before the event (what can I say? I AM a slacker) I do think crafting items should be the only exception, too. I was quite peeved when the Halloween candy showed up before school started (and we start in early August here!)


  • Susan - OneSpringStreet.Net

    This is probably the best ornament wreath I have ever seen! Looks great on film, but AMAZING in person! I’m very jealous, you know that it’s not hanging on MY door….. Sadly, I got no credit for the introduction to u pins (boooo hiss booo) LOL :< Oh another note, I've had my Christmas tree up before Nov 20th this year! WooPee! lol

    Liked by 1 person

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