All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Gray



Not entirely true, but enough so that my mind is fully on Autumn.

And with thoughts of Autumn, I tend to go through the house like a mad woman putting amber hues everywhere I can.

This year I’m hitting my new front porch and I wanted something I’ve been seeing everywhere online but have yet to see anywhere local. Door Garlands.

Yes, I know, I’m not your typical door garland-y type, but now that I have a door people actually SEE I felt like doing something new.

This post isn’t so much a DIY tutorial as it is a LOOK WHAT I MADE, MA! Mainly because there are so many tutorials out there that are fantastic (wouldn’t this be a great place to post links to aforementioned tutorial blogs? Sorry, my bad), I really don’t have anything new to add to the conversation, other than this: THIS WAS SO EASY!!

Really, looking at these things, they seemed so difficult, but I honestly feel Deco Mesh Garlands are the Rice Crispy Treats of the crafting world…they appear so involved, but they are truly simple to make.

Details: I used

-6 rolls of 20″ x 30′ deco mesh from Hobby Lobby (on sale for 50% off…score!) In 2 different patterns (4 of Autumn colored striped, 2 of bronze)

– 2 rolls of 6″ wide mesh (gold)

-2 garland wire forms in a color close to my mesh colors (I had planned on making these myself using florist wire and pipe cleaners, but they were so inexpensive on sale that it was cheaper to just buy them, even though the color was not my first choice. Hey, I’m a slacker, Whattaya expect??))

– Various theme complementing picks and embellishment items (I used 8 harvest picks with sunflowers and gourds, 4 berry picks (I cut these up to get 5 berry stems out of each one for a total of 20 berry clusters), 9 mini corns, and 12 mini pumpkins I had left over from last years tablescape (I spraypainted these 3 different metallic colors)

The How:

I stretched out my wire and straightened the twisty branches, rolled out the mesh and gathered the ends into a twisty and, Uhm, twisted.

For the next section I gathered at the THIRD twisty (there’s gotta be a better name for those things!) and instead of twisting at the third spot, I brought the bunched mesh back to the second twisty, creating the fabulous poof.

And then I repeated all the way down the wire, and started back at the top with a second roll (do yourself a favor and start each time with a new roll, there will only be enough on the roll left to do about a quarter of the wire and hiding all those cut ends is a nightmare!)
(No, actually I don’t store my waffles in the garage 😉 I do however use the industrial size waffle box to store craft crap)

After putting four rolls of mesh on each wire I twisted in the floral picks and pumpkins.


I used 4 Command hooks over the door and two on each side (8 total) and hung one garland down one side, the other down the other side and pushed the ends together in the middle because I was too lazy to climb the ladder again.

I love how it came out, even if the coloring is not exactly what I pictured. That mesh is very different when it’s on the roll so be sure you like what you have before you open all the rolls!


(Kindly ignore my Frazzled Reflection in the window)

Next up, I’m making a matching wreath from the leftover mesh 😉

As always, thanks for reading and keep it awesome, Folks!


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