We Are the Champions, My Friends

So here at the blog I hosted my very first give away and I must say it was a success!

I received many guesses via email, instant message, and even telephone, however, as I stated on the contest page I would only consider answers in the comments section.

I had so many different guesses that I actually got some ideas for new projects, so in a way, we’re all winners! Go Awesome! I thank you sincerely for that!

I announced the winner in my big reveal of my Badass Pumpkin Topiary but promised a photo of the Halloween themed gift that I made for Susan at OneSpringStreet.net after she received it.
(Go check her stuff out, this woman is phenomenally talented and I’m honored to have her following my blog!)


I present my much less badass, yet still blingy mini topiary.

I keep calling this one “the little guy” because at 14″ he is tiny in comparison.

I went with gold this time (and wish I took better pictures!) and amber stones for a more refined elegant look.

I even made sure to put it in a sweet oval box that can be used to store it in (topiaries are the WORST for storing!)

Now I’m on to my next project, Fall is calling my name!

Keep it awesome Frazzled Followers!


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