Another (faux) Brick in the Wall Part II

So just about a year and a half has passed since I published my how-to on faux painting a tile backsplash (found here All in All We’re Just Another (faux) Brick in The Walland it continues to be my most popular blog post. It has received more than 6800 views from countries all over the world! How exciting is that??? With no marketing other than posting it on my Pinterest and Facebook pages….who’s raging against the machine, I ask you?!

Ok, aside from my ego maniacal lapse into awesomeness awareness, I started this update for a reason.

First, to report that I no longer live in the home where I created this backsplash wonder. While I seriously miss the beauty of it on a daily basis (and who am I kidding, I miss the ego boost I got every. single. time! someone walked in my house, saw it, and showered me with praise.) I must be honest and admit that while that house was a dear part of my life for almost 9years, it wasn’t working for our family and I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the area ( painting the backsplash was an effort to make me feel happier there, and it did…for a while) but this past summer we moved about an hour away, so there will be no new additions to that lovely backsplash 😦

However, on the upside, In the process of preparing for the move, I invited many realtors into my home and each and every one of them marveled over that backsplash! Not a single one took my word for it that it wasn’t tiled and all felt the need to molest my walls to prove it to themselves.

In each instance I pointed out that I could paint it flat again so as not to detract from selling and in each instance I was met with a resounding “No!” because they felt it added value. One agent told me they added $3000 onto the value of the home for it! The reason I tell you all of this is because this extremely inexpensive DIY can translate to dollars in your pocketbook with very little risk on your part. Now if that isn’t pure awesome, I don’t know what is!

The second reason I am updating is because someone who found this blog followed my steps and completed their very own faux tile backsplash!! I have gotten lots of mail in the last year letting me know this technique is loved, but usually people just go about their lives and don’t show me how it came out! Finally, finally! a reader shared a photo of her completed project! And it is absolutely gorgeous!!! So without further ado I present you with this amazing beaut!


The nice lady who did this gorgeous job prefers to remain anonymous so I will refer to her as Frazzled Apprentice. She did an amazing job, and honestly, I like it better than the one I did. Great job, Frazzled Apprentice and thanks so much for sharing!

Anyone else try this out? If so, share your experience, I would love to hear about it! And if you would like a picture of your completed project featured on The Frazzled Slacker, just shoot me an email at

As always, thanks for reading!


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