Alright, it’s New Years Eve…a notorious time for reflection. Personally, I’m looking back at 2012 and feeling pretty damn good about it myself. The year was definitely NOT better than others, by most accounts it was one of the worst years I have ever had.  The sudden death of  one of my closest friends sent me reeling, as well as the death of a wonderful cousin, the cancer diagnosis of a sibling-in-law and a terminal diagnosis for an uncle, along with the nightmare mess this country has become with ridiculous things such as Chik-Fil-A funding hate groups and hiding behind Free Speech, the rampant HomoHate (because Homophobia doesn’t quite grasp the nasty nature of the people opposed to letting all Americans have equal rights), right through to the horrors of the supreme asshat who’s name I will never take the time to learn shooting up a Batman premier, and most recently the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. Actually, now that I look back on those things, 2012 was a shitty year. Not just for me, but for the world. And honestly? You reading this right now is a win. We are still here. The world marches on.  I stopped blogging for a very long time because I was overwhelmed with so many different emotions, too much horror to shrug off, too much pain to ignore. I don’t blog to bring the news, I don’t blog to gird you to action, and I don’t blog because I think my opinion is one you need to hear. I blog for the same reason I do (or don’t do) everything, because I want to. And because I like to see my words published, but you knew that already. And with all due respect to all those lost this year, I switch my gears to the personal positives of the year, because that is what’s keeping me sane today.


The year 2012 marked the first time since 1993 that I made resolutions for the new year, and I had some serious success with them to boot.

I’ve never believed in resolutions, it seemed everyone around me made them, forgot them, and felt like crap about them and it just sent the unawesome message of “oh well it’s okay to fail just as long as you pretend to try!” I never drank THAT Jim Jones Kool-aid, and I still haven’t.

Last year I made my first resolution since 1993 (that one was “See Pearl Jam as much as possible” and I achieved that goal with 13 shows over the following 4 years, but I’m sure you see what I mean when I say I didn’t place much stock in resolutions).

For 2012 I had simply resolved to get healthier. It took until June for me to really buckle down and admit I needed help with it, but I got on Weight Watchers and lost 45 pounds and am feeling mighty good about that.

On the heels of that success, I’ve decided to prove to myself that resolutions don’t have to be BS seemingly invented to make us feel superior to the other under-achieving folks around us.

SO, Resolutions! Who’s got them??  Mine are as follows:

1) Get back on track with WW:  I’ve been slacking since Thanksgiving and gained back 5 pounds (sadly, it was totally worth it! However I feel like poopbiscuits physically because of it…message received, body!) I’d like to lose 52 lbs in 2013, 1 pound a week, however regardless of what the scale says, I’m going to focus on how great I feel when I am on plan and stick with it.

2) Make the moments with my children REALLY count. In August all three of my children will be in elementary school. I want to really enjoy the mommy/kids time I have this year and have a few adventures!

3) Let Go! I worked on this for 2012 with much success and plan on continued improvement in ’13. I tried to refrain from letting others actions shape how I feel about myself and to take things less personally. It was amazingly freeing! This year I’m going to let repeat offenders go, people who bring on crappy feelings will be relegated to the proverbial back yard shed of my life.

4) Give Yoga a chance: For all I have ever heard about it, it will help me tremendously with neck and back problems, yet I give up as soon as it feels awkward (almost immediately!) I’m going to give some effort this year and hopefully enjoy it 🙂

5) Make Vacation a Priority: Another improvement I made in 2012, taking the time to really plan out some great vacations with the family. Sometimes this was done with almost no budget, because that is what we had at the time, but we went on quite a few vacations this year that placed emphasis on enjoying each others company and relaxing. I’m all for more of that! Also, this year marks my 10 year wedding anniversary, my goal is a vacation, without the kids, 1 day for each year…it’s not going to be easy, but I am going to make it a priority to make this happen (and I’m also giving myself the flexibility to make it happen at any time during our tenth year, because for crying out loud, despite some strange dreams I’ve had, money hasn’t started falling out of my butt!)

6) Stay Awesome and up the Awesome Ante.

Sounds easy, right? However, being the frazzled slacker that I am, it’s been getting harder each year, I’ve even felt a little curmudgeonly as of late.  Some days I wonder if I’m awesome enough to keep myself interested. I need to bring some spice back into my relationship with me. Invigorate the awesome if you will.

So there you have it, my resolutions for 2013. I plan on some measure of success for all my resolutions and wish the same for you!

I hope 2013 brings more happiness than sadness to our world, but if it doesn’t, I’m determined to bring my own.

Happy New Year, folks!

(Now here is where you show me some Comment Love…my stats tell me you’re reading, I’d love to hear from you! What resolutions are you making? Or railing against? Hopes and dreams for the New Year? Let me know below!

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