Cheap Trick

I come from an area where “frugal” is a dirty word. Or was. I left before the latest economic downturn, so I have no idea how things are done there today. However, I was transplanted in an area where “frugal” has been a way of life, regardless of income or social status. And therefore, it is much easier to aspire towards, because, you know, all the cool  kids are doing it.

Now, please understand that the frugal ways of the world are new to me,  it is a still a learning in progress.

Having 3 little ones with bottomless pits for stomachs and a beefy Hubs who eats the same way, my main focus has been on stretching our food dollar. For the last year my focus has been on cooking as many meals as possible at home. I of course  went to the web for help with this!

There are two blogs that inspired me to change our shopping/food preparation techniques among other aspects of our lives. The first is Want What You Have where I not only learned amazing ways to save on the food budget, but also ways to organize my life and my home. I spent a solid two months reading the archives on this blog, and really, it is amazing. I highly suggest it. For me, it presented ideas I had never thought of and is an amazing tool! The other blog that was instrumental in my taking on a different attitude towards my budget  is Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. Jen is amazing! And I am sure if I keep saying that she is going to classify me into “stalker” status, but she really is! She has a very down-to-earth outlook on life and never EVER makes her readers feel like they don’t stack up. In fact, she is always mentioning that life doesn’t always go the way we plan and that the fun is in the little curve-balls sent our way. I love that she has amazing ideas on how to live  life without appearing frugal, yet being budget conscious all the time.

I’m always looking for other ideas and suggestions, so be sure to let me know of your favorites!


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