Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (sort of)

So I started out in January of 2012 submerging myself in Pinterest. By March I had so many projects to try I stopped checking out the site so I could spend my (very little) free time working on those projects. By April, I was sacked. Completely wiped from doing so many projects and honestly, here the beautiful weather was in full swing and I wanted to be out and about!

I have a few projects on my back burner though. They include:

Kids Playroom: Add shelving! The mish-mosh of tables and bookcases is NOT working. I need something  more uniform for the room to hold what it needs to and make clean up easier.

Master Bathroom Faux Tile: I want to do the exact same faux effect on the tub surround in the MBR. I would also like to paint the room…it is bland as a baboon’s butt. Well, no, not really, a baboon’s butt has more color.

Master Bedroom Paint and Headboard: This room is in desperate need of something! It has been ignored way too long and needs some paint. Our bed also needs a custom headboard. The bed is a king on a wall that barely fit a queen between two windows so I need to make something that will fit but not look awkward (because, you know, the whole “no headboard” look doesn’t look awkward at all. no, no, it doesn’t)

Kitchen, Livingroom, Diningroom Paint: I am hiring a friend to do this, I just can’t do neat. Nope, not even a little bit. I work with messes when I create and if I can outsource for a very reasonable price, then I certainly will (and no, this is  not the norm for me. this will be the first time I ever hire someone to do this type of job.)

Kids Room Redux: The twins room needs to be repainted. It is still a nursery design, which is fine, but I would like to do some updating and create some super awesomeness. This requires walking on the floor, and keeping that toy-free has been a nightmare (because I make the kids clean it themselves. However their tolerance is MUCH higher than mine, so it often is just downright dangerous for my fragile/ancient ass)

Then there is the outdoors. I would like to do some stuff out there, but for now, these are my main focus points. Right now I need to get on Pinterest to find some inspiration for these projects (or waste time until the motivated feeling passes.)

Oh Pinterest! How I have missed you!

What are some projects on your wish list for the summer? Let me know in the comments section,  I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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