Everything is coming up (green) Onions





So when I saw a pin on Pinterest telling me they could show me how I could make my green onions last forever, the first thing I asked myself was “do I have green onions?” and then immediately followed that one with “Do I want them to last forever??”

The answer to the first question was amazingly “yes”. I actually had green onions because I had recently hosted a party and wanted them for garnish. I used all of two little stalks (or whatever they are called) and had the bunch left in the fridge going to rot.

So following the concise directions of:
“Place onions in water on a window sill, trim what you need, and replace remainder back in water”

I decided to give it a go. I took it one step further and used my collection of blue glass to place the onions in. I never grow anything because the few times I have, I have gotten aphids and that just creeps the hell out of me!

Well, lo and behold, these onions grew and grew! I took it one step further and started to chop and freeze them and just keep letting them grow.

They really grow! In a weeks time they grow about 10″! (here they are during my faux tile backsplash project just growing and growing!)




I use a parmesan shaker to keep them in the freezer and shake them out into soups. I ended up cutting a piece of zip top freezer bad to fit the inside lid, just to keep them fresher (the lid wasn’t air tight)





And that, my friends, is how I grow my green onions. Now all I need is a few recipes I can use them in! Any suggestions?!?!?

What are some ideas you have come up with for growing and or storing fresh foods? Respond in the comments and I will try them out!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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